On-call response

The On-call response team works in two sections. The first is a response team which responds immediately to incidents outside of proactive patrol hours, as well as providing immediate backup to the proactive teams during serious or multiple incidents. This response includes a senior team member who oversees the search or rescue response on behalf of BHCT and liaises with the emergency services and any relations on scene. The second is an on-call search team which is used following the initial stages of a search to provide a wider response from BHCT alongside the Coastal Rescue Teams from HM Coastguard Eastbourne and Birling Gap. This team is used as part of a wider strategy during any search for a missing person who is believed to be in the area.

In addition to its primary roles, BHCT’s On-call response team also responds to incidents away from the Beachy Head area, provides wider area vehicle searches and provides assistance to the emergency services during other incidents, such as the heavy snows during the winter of 09/10 where the team worked night and day transporting patients to and from the local hospital and moving essential emergency service staff to where they needed to be, as well as rescuing stranded motorists.