Frontline proactive

The Frontline proactive team is the workhorse of Beachy Head Chaplaincy. Every front line member of BHCT is part of this team and their work in other team roles is in addition to this.

Proactive patrols operate every day of the year, covering a search area which expands to over 1900 acres (776 hectares) and includes up to 6 miles of cliff edge. They are operated both in 4×4 vehicles and on foot. The team works in pairs, searching the cliff edge, downland and car parks looking out for those who are despondent. At night the team uses vehicle mounted and handheld search lamps to search the area. Each team member is highly trained in suicide intervention and will intervene with any person found often in conjunction with the emergency services.

As well as proactive patrols, the team provides an immediate response to searches for missing persons passed on to BHCT. These calls include missing person searches from Sussex Police, incidents from HM Coastguard, searches from members of the public concerned for relatives or friends and calls regarding suspicious persons from the local pubs, car park staff and visitors to Beachy Head.