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Fantastic News Another 4 Members pass initial training

Great News, on Wednesday the 29th April, Shirley, Mark, Dorian and Erik became the latest to pass out of Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team Training, and to be supplied The Iconic, Trusted,  Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team Uniform. Well done to you all.

Well done also to Carl who Joined our team to be trained for another Christian Agency, Good Luck Carl with the Launch of your new Team. (Carl is the one in the photo not in uniform.)

Shirley Mark Dorian and Eric will now become regular attendees at Beachy Head, whilst they gain experience in the work of the chaplaincy.

I apologise for the delay in getting this to press but, once we had signed them off, I needed to focus on Bible By the Beach, which now over things are getting back to normal.

Please pray for these new members  that the Lord will use them mightily and that they will integrate into the team well, and that the rest of the team will continue to be used mightily.

Mark Pybus Director

Radio Communications Upgrade

The Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team are very happy to announce that a planned upgrade to their radio service has now been completed.

We have managed through negotiations with Sussex Police and OFCOM to secure a Licence and a facility to connect our radio communications to the mast in the Beachy Head area. Mark Pybus, Director and team member was pleased to say that for the first time ever we have managed to secure communications over the full area of our work, and that this should help to make team member’s safer and to allow us to be more effective in our service.

I would like to Thank Sussex Police, Adur Communications and OFCOM for their help in achieving this goal.


Mark Pybus

Director Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team.


Recognition for Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team at Sovereign Awards evening

  I am very proud to be able to announce that Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team were nominated for an award at the Sovereign Awards Evening Held in Eastbourne’s Grand Hotel on Friday Evening.
We ended up being awarded The “Chris Copsey Gold Award”
Which was sponsored by Southern Water.
It was a good evening and I am proud on behalf of the Team to be able to receive the award on their behalf.
I would like to thank all those involved in organising the event, and thank those that nominated, and voted for us, it is great to be recognised for what the team is involved in.
 Photo’s were taken on the night & once I have them I will post them on the site

Events coming up at the Beachy Head Pub

Quiz Night at the Beachy Head  Vintage Inn

Friday 5th December

7pm for 7.30

Being run by the Beachy Head Visitor centre,

Either contact The Pub / Restaurant 01323 728060

to book your table

or let Mike know in the visitor centre

 Cost £5.00 to include Sausage & Mash

Please note this is not a fund raiser, it is merely intended to be a fun night out.

Fundraiser for Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team

Being run by the Beachy Head  Vintage Inn

Our Famous Christmas Carols at Beachy Head

Come and enjoy a festive night of carols with festive fayre

Date Tuesday 16th December 

from 8pm

Come and have a fun night and help us raise funds for the

Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team

Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team recieves Queens Award for Voluntary Services

QAVS1QAVSQavs Certqavs crystalQAVS4On friday 8th august Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team were presented with The Queens Award for Voluntary Services that they were awarded in the Queens Birthday Honours list. The Award was presented to Mrs Amanda Nippard, one of the team’s long serving volunteers, by The Lord Leiutenant of East Sussex, Mr Peter Field and his Deputy.

The Lord Leiutenant went at lengths to Point out that the award is the highest award that can be presented to any organisation in the UK, and that we should all feel very proud to receive it.

The Award was made in the Court Room of Eastbourne Town Hall and the town hall arranged Tea Coffee and a celebration cake to mark the occasion.

Others Present were, The High Sherriff, Mr Chris Gebbie, The Mayor, Mr Steven Lloyd MP, Steve Biglands, Chief of Police, Members of Beachy Head Coastguards, Members of the Coroners Office, The Deputy Leader of East Sussex County Council, Leaders from Eastbourne Borough Council, along with past and current members of Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team, including some of our prayer partner’s, and our trustees plus a couple of representatives from trusts that have supported us over the years.

The Award at the town Hall felt very special and Mr Mark Pybus, Director would like to thank all involved in arranging and allowing it to go on.

Mr Mark Pybus, in his acceptance speech, said that he was very proud to be Director at a time when their wonderful volunteers, past and present were  honoured by  this award, especially as the had never courted awards of this nature. (See below)

Acceptance Of Queens Award for Voluntary Services

It gives me huge pleasure to be Director of BHCT at a time when our wonderful volunteers, past and present are honoured by this Award, especially when you consider that we have never courted or set out to receive awards.

The only reward that the Team have ever looked for is that of being able to help those in need and to Glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in so doing.

The team, I am sure would wish me to reflect the Glory to where it truly belongs, and that is to the Lord Jesus Christ for choosing to work through us.

I think that it is true to say that every session over the last 10 years has started in prayer, that the Lord would put us:

In the right place

At the right time

With the right words

And every time when we have interceded, it has been His mercy and grace as answer to our prayers.

I would also like to thank Ross Hardy for following his vision from the Lord Jesus to set up and establish this team and to every member who has been part of this team over the years for their selfless dedication.

Because without all of you, no matter how small you may think your contribution was we would not be here to receive this award and recognition today.

Many thanks


Mark Pybus,

Director Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team

The Team went on to have celebration of thanksgiving, up on the downs at 6pm to which Local Dignitaries, local Churches, past and present members of the team, including prayer team members were invited. The Thanksgiving Service was run by Captain Ben Russell, Chair of Trustees, and Salvation Army Captain for Old Town Salvation Army. The Service was in celebration of 10 years of service as Friday was the Anniversary of 10 years of service.

Founder, Pastor Ross Hardy spoke of our past, going from his vision, through to his stepping down in August 2013. We Had Prayers Thanking the Lord for his grace in working through the team over the years, we had a number of Hymns, and our current Director, Mr Mark Pybus, talked about where we are and of our future, (see below), this was followed by refreshments in the form of a buffet in the Beachy Head Pub, and as there was significant amounts of food left over, this was taken to on of the Local homeless charities. It was collected and delivered by WRAS, the local wild animal rescue service.

Forward but which Way

Before talking about going forward we have to touch on where we are.

We are celebrating 10 Magnificent years of reaching out with the love of God to those in pain and suffering with the current aim of “Ending Suicide At Beachy Head”

We have over the last 10 years been called to in excess of 6,500 incidents and rescued in excess of 2,500 despondent/ suicidal persons

We have just been through a difficult time in our Ministry, where we were in danger of closing, for the want of core funding, by this I mean not having money to pay salaries, rent, or even fuel for our vehicles, without which we could not operate.

I recently had to face the decision with my trustees as to how to secure our future, and the decision that we made together was to restructure, this involves relying less on paid positions and re-building our volunteer base which has always been our strength.

Our recent appeal brought in significant funding and these measures have, by the Grace of God secured our short-term position, and now we have the task of consolidating that position and making the necessary adjustments to secure our long term future.

Trusts will always be important to us, but we need to increase our regular donor’s to be a higher proportion of our income.


I have recently had the vision that we should aim to meet with every distressed person who comes to Beachy head, and also that ALL frontline hours should within 18 months to 2 years be volunteer hours, this was the original model and we are going back to it.

How do we get there??

We need to recruit an extra 15 to 20 volunteers over that period, whist maintaining our current volunteer base of 14, this will involve us running 3 separate batches of training during the next 18 months, whilst struggling with the number of hours we need to cover on the head.

We have proven over the last month that we can maintain the hours of cover on the head even in difficult times with staff holidays booked.   We are committed to maintaining our current levels of cover on the head.

So as usual we are in challenging times, needing to recruit and train new volunteers in all areas, prayer, frontline, and marketing and at the same time recruit a significant number of regular monthly Donor’s.

We are not over awed by the magnitude of the task because we know that we are not alone just as we can be assured of God’s Almighty presence and His sovereignty in all areas of our ministry 

Mark Pybus


Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team

Response to Facebook comments re a post from a BHCT chaplain on 28th June 2014

Dear All


This is a message from Mark Pybus, the director of Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team

I would like to make a number of things extremely clear.

1. Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team is not at this moment under threat of closure.( although it did come very close)

2. We are committed to maintaining existing Levels of cover.

3. Due to a funding short-fall we had to go out to the general public, in a way unprecedented in our history, that appeal has secured our immediate future, but we have felt it necessary to reduce our staffing costs. This appeal and responses has avoided the need for our closure.

4.We have made a number of redundancies to allow us to continue, this saddens all of us. This will place challenges on those staff and volunteers remaining.

5.Our long term Future relies on us making a number of changes to the way the team works and is resourced, we need to develop the frontline work to a point where it is less reliant on paid staff.  The reason why we took on paid staff was due to an exponential rise in the need for our services, which we were unable to meet from our volunteer base alone.

6.We need to secure regular monthly partners from the general public to enable us to:

Cover the costs of maintaining vehichles ( which cover over 60,000 miles per year)

Maintain and replace equipment,

Maintain a base to work from (Our Offices)

Pay petrol bills (circa£1000 per month)

Supply and equip staff with Uniforms.

Train new volonteers and ensure staff training is kept up to date.

Pay the salaries of the few staff we do need to retain to be able to run effectively.

7.We need to continue to attract and retain funding from Trusts.

8. Having survived our emergency, we are embarking on a process to ensure that we never again find our lifesaving work in danger of closing due to financial issues.

How can you help?

Could you be one of our Volunteers? we need many different skills, not just Frontline cliff edge volunteers.

Could You make one off payment?

Could you give on a monthly basis?

Could you run a fundraising event in aid of us?

Do you have any other suggestions as to how you could help?

Thank you for being interested in the work of The Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team and taking the time to read this.


Mark Pybus

Director Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team


Search & Rescue Incidents From 5th May 2014 to 22nd June 2014 (Catch up Posting)

Hi Everyone as you can see in the heading this set of figures spans seven weeks since I was last able to find time to put this information out, please accept my sincere apologies, but  as you will have heard through the news my focus has been on ensuring that the Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team was able to continue, the good news is we will continue, albeit in a slimmed down version, with less costs, but contue we will, and without reducing Hours of cover. It does meen that a greater burden will be placed on those left, but we do not feeel that the number of hours covered is negotiable.

During the last 7 weeks Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team were involved in 94  Searches Resulting in the rescue of 39 Persons, who were despondent/ suicidal.

We were called to 42 searches by Sussex Police, for Despondent/ missing/ suicidal persons, 2 by the local Coastguards, 2 by the Beachy Head Pub, 11 by the general Public.

The frontline Pro-active Team came across another 34 persons during our routine patrols.

During this seven weeks we have had a particularly difficult time with a total of 10 deaths at the cliffs

New e-commerce website supports BHCT

Cords Of Love is a Christian greetings card company which has been supporting BHCT by donating a proportion of it’s profits to the charity since we were first set up. They have recently opened an e-commerce website so you can now buy their cards directly online. Please support them and in doing so support us as we continue to save lives at Beachy Head. You can shop here

All change at BHCT

Sunday 4th August was an historic moment for Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team. After 10 years founder and Director of BHCT Ross Hardy handed over the baton of leadership to the new Director of the Chaplaincy Mark Pybus. Ross said “The last 10 years have been an immense blessing and a considerable challenge, but those years have seen us rescue over 2000 despondent people. We have been so privileged to meet and impact many lives for the good, yet I believe the season to come is the most exciting yet for Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team. Mark has faithfully served by my side in the ministry for the last 8 years. There is no doubt in my mind he is the right person to lead the team forward into the future, seeking to fulfil the vision to end suicide at Beachy Head. My aim 10 years ago was not only to save lives but that Jesus would be glorified through the work of this team which He inspired me to start. I know that this is also the heart of Mark and it will continue to happen because of the grace of God and the selfless work of our volunteers, staff and supporters.” We at Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team wish Ross and Nicki all the best and God’s richest blessings for their future as they continue their exciting life of faith, faithfully serving Jesus Christ.
(Picture from left to right; Founder and retiring Director of BHCT Ross Hardy and new Director of BHCT Mark Pybus.)

Regular givers via online giving provider seeing payments returned unpaid

The provider of online giving which BHCT has used for the last 4 years (Charity Giving by the Dove Trust) has ceased operating following action by the Charity Commission. You can read more here This means that any monthly or regular donations through Charity Giving will be returned unpaid to your accounts. We are in the process of changing our online giving provider to Virgin Money Giving which will become active over the next 2 weeks. Once this is set up you will be able to set up regular donations from a link on this website. Alternatively you can download a monthly partners form from here which if returned to us will enable you to give directly to our bank account. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you and thank you for your continuing support of our lifesaving work here at Beachy Head.

kind regards
Ross Hardy
Founder and Director of BHCT