Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team was founded in 2003 by Ross Hardy, a local pastor in Eastbourne.

During a Sunday early morning prayer time on the 3rd August 2003 Jesus gave Ross a vision. This vision lasted about 30 minutes and and was of two people patrolling Beachy Head reaching out to the depressed and suicidal. The closest way to describe it, according to Ross, was of an intense daydream, when you do not realise that time is passing. From that moment the vision for Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team burned within Ross’ heart.The planning for the team began within a week and 12 months later, on the 8th August 2004, BHCT became operational.

As a Christian chaplaincy it has now reached out to well over 2000 people, has saved multiple lives as well as seeing a number of people come to faith, and as a search and rescue team, is the busiest  in the UK with well over 750 incidents a year. The vision of the team remains to end suicide at Beachy Head.

Ross retired as Director of BHCT on the 3rd August 2013, 10 years to the day from when he was given the vision for the team, where he then handed the Directorship of BHCT over to Mark Pybus who has served in BHCT alongside Ross since 2005, more recently in a full time capacity at Beachy Head.

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