Message of hope

The people we help at Beachy Head have suffered many situations that bring them to the edge, but there is one condition which is common to all humanity. Scripture shows us clearly that we cannot rescue ourselves from this present condition, one of separation from God due to our sin. All the time we remain in this condition, we remain under the wrath of God. Do not be deceived. All of us have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. But praise God, it does not end there. God has provided all that is necessary to bring us back in to right relationship with Him. Jesus died upon a cross for our sin, taking our rightful punishment. He was buried, but praise God, did not remain there. He was raised to life, and today Jesus is alive. Our rescue does not come from our own effort but as a free gift from God, for all those who believe. For Jesus paid the price we owed, so that whoever would believe in Him would not perish but recieve eternal life. For there is salvation in and through no one else. That eternal life is not just the hope of Heaven when we die but a changed life today. He is calling you to repent and believe on Jesus.  This very day Jesus is calling you to receive this glorious gift of salvation.

There are some great courses you can go on to find out more about this great promise of salvation such as the Alpha course or Christianity explored run by churches in your area. Alternatively contact us here at BHCT and we will be pleased to help you to understand God’s greatest gift.