The cliffs at Beachy Head form the eastern end of the South Downs national park. At 530 feet they are the highest chalk sea cliffs in the UK. The area is known for its outstanding natural beauty, and with the red and white lighthouse, is one of the iconic images of England.

Sadly the cliffs are also well known for reasons other than their great beauty. Throughout the nations, Beachy Head is well known as a suicide spot. It is infact one of the most poular suicide spots in the world.

The first recorded cases of suicide from the cliffs were in the 1600′s.  The number of people choosing to end their lives at the cliffs has grown particularly over the last 50 or so years. Much of this has to do with improved transportation and increased media coverage of the area as a suicide spot.

Beachy Head Chaplaincy has been patrolling the cliffs since 2004 reaching out to those in distress, seeking to save lives at Beachy Head.

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